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Bierpraat juni 2004

9 caches gevonden (logs 219-227)


geo 219. Les Pins Parasoles [Frankrijk] - van arico

3 juni 2004, 13:25
Damn! Just an hour too late! So we were not the first, but the second team that found this cache. wink We found it (in the rain) as our first cache in France, during our trip to Spain. Luckily team Loopi left another TB for us. Thanks!
Greetings, Biertje + friends (from Holland)


geo 220. Cache d'Azur [St. Tropez] - van Nepumuk & Edwin

3 juni 2004, 14:00
Our second cache in France during our trip to Spain. We are following team Loopi! wink Nice view, especially now, after that little bit of rain we had this morning. The cache was easily to find, but we had to wait for a young couple that was taking pictures. Thanks!
Greetings, Biertje + friends (from Holland)

geo 221. Sur le chemin au St. Tropez - van DJH

3 juni 2004, 15:25
Our third cache in France, during our trip to Spain. On our way to St Tropez we made a stop at this little village. Near the three signs we found a few holes in the rocks, probably made to hide a 35 mm film pod. But they were all empty. I´ve sent the details of the middle sign by e-mail. Thanks!
Biertje + friends (from Holland)

geo 222. Millionaire's view [St. Tropez] - van James & Wabbits

3 juni 2004, 18:00
Our fourth cache in France, during our trip to Spain. We reached the citadel easily, but finding the cache was a lot harder! Don't search for it in shorts and open shoes, like I did. But the view is great. We saw several moviestars drinking beer and champaign on their boats, but for privacy reasons we are not allowed to mention their names... wink Thanks!
Greetings from Biertje + friends (from Holland)



geo 223. La Gola [Spanje] - van Vicam

6 juni 2004, 12:20
My first cache in Spain during this holiday. Last year I found my very first cache (#001) also during my holidays in Spain and now this is #223! And it is also placed by Vicam. Thanks, Vicam!
We stayed in a bungalow 1,5 km from the cache so we had a short walk along the beach this morning. Its is nice place for drinking a bottle of beer.
Greetings from Biertje + friends (from Holland)


geo 224. Castell de Montjuïc [Barcelona] - van Ana, Albert & Mariona

7 juni 2004, 14:00
Found it after a long walk in the sun. And I forgot to bring some bottles of beer with me... But what a great view. Thanks! Because of the cartoon characters in this cache, I left Bagheera the black panther. Back in the city I ordered a big glass of beer at the Ramblas. wink
Greetings from Biertje (from Holland)



geo 225. El Montgrí [Spanje] - van Landyman & family

9 juni 2004, 12:40
We climb the mountain at the hottest time of the day! It was not easy. But my friends told me at the top I could find a nice café and terrace near a swimming pool, with an excellent view... Well, the view was excellent. Luckily I had a few bottles of beer with me. Thanks!
Greetings from Biertje + friends (from Holland)


geo 226. Costa Brava II (Roca Foradada) [Spanje] - van Vicam

11 juni 2004, 13:15
Nice walk and a great view! It was really hot today, so we got a nice coloured skin. Thanks! In the cache we found a camera, so my friends made a picture of me, sitting with a bottle of beer. It is picture no. 5.
Greetings from Biertje + friends (from Holland)

geo 227. L'Estartit [Spanje] - van pelaroques

11 juni 2004, 15:35
Damn! Not the first one, not the second one, but I was only the third one who found this cache. A few days earlier we were also in l'Estartit for dinner, but after that I wouldn't walk to the top (because it was dark and I had drunk a lot of beer). But now I realise I could have been the first one! In the future I'll never drink beer when there is a cache near. (Well...) Today it was warm, but cloudy. I made some nice pictures. Thanks!
In: Cadaqués pottery (from my holiday cache tour last year)
Out: the beer bottle holder (wow!)
Greetings from Biertje (from Holland)


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